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Can I install a home security system with existing equipment in Toledo?

July 28, 2021

Vivent hub screen on living room wall.

As you go about customizing your new security system, you may have questions about if you need to use brand-new alarms and sensors or if you can use your home security system with existing equipment in Toledo.

If you own a component like a exterior camera or a smart light, you might be in luck. You will often be able to keep your existing components and switch them to your Vivint security system, but only if they are built with Z-wave technology and are able to sync with the new system. Here are some popular Toledo scenes where you could want to keep your old component and link it to the new system.

You’re buying a place with home security devices

A new home may come with an installed security system. All the alarms and cameras function well, are installed in the right areas, and are ready to go. In this instance, just pick up the phone to call and establish a new contract. A Vivint professional will still come to your home to make sure there are no integration issues, and they could offer suggestions on an upgrade or two. It's a fast visit, and you can have your 24/7 monitoring set up without paying for any new alarms and cameras -- unless you add on.

The previous homeowners can move an existing Vivint contract to your family for a nominal transfer fee to make the transfer a snap. If the outgoing residents downsize to a condo or retirement community, you keeping the home security service may be a part of the sale.

You want to move and bring your home security components with you

You may need to take your favorite smart devices with you to your new house when you move. That’s pretty easy to accomplish, as many components are plug and play. You can uninstall each component by yourself or contact a Vivint expert to come and dismantle your devices. Then an expert will hang the same devices -- and any smart devices you want to add -- in the new house. The home security contract will remain the same.

You have a starter device and need to build up

Your exterior camera, smart thermostat, or small glass break sensor helped you see the benefits of a security system, and now you are thinking to expand. Don't worry too much if you’ll be hauling away that favorite alarm or camera because it may link in with your new smart home. Companies like Vivint have created their services by using the latest technology and allow many modern alarms and cameras.

You might lose the video clips you saved, as they might not move over into another service provider’s app. But your component will still operate like it did when it was a single device. You could even discover a couple of new actions available now that the component’s is linked to a bigger home security system.

Call Vivint for all your home security needs

Whether you're setting up a home security system with existing equipment in Toledo, or you want one customized from the ground up, contact Vivint. A Vivint agent will discuss your security needs and find the best system for your family. Phone (419) 614-6278 or fill out the form below to get started.